Divinity is always where one least expects to find it.

Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s some quotes about this great feast.

“No worldly mind would ever have suspected that He Who could make the sun warm the earth would one day have need of an ox and an ass to warm Him with their breath…that the feet which trod the everlasting hills would one day be too weak to walk; that the Eternal Word would be dumb; that Omnipotence would be wrapped in swaddling-clothes; that Salvation would lie in a manger that the bird which built the nest would be hatched therein – no one would ever suspect that God coming to this earth would ever be so  helpless. And that is precisely why so many miss Him. Divinity is always where one least expects to find it.” – F.J.Sheen (Life of Christ)

“A mass of legend and literature, which increases and will never end, has repeated and rung the changes on that single paradox; that the hands that had made the sun and the stars were too small to reach the huge heads of the cattle” – G.K.Chesterton (The Everlasting Man)


Check out this video (and you just might view Christmas in a new way); A Child Is Born


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